What are the advantages of folding water bags outdoors?


The outdoor folding water bag has a nozzle (valve) through which you can drink water, fill drinks, etc. It's portable enough to be used over and over again, and comes with a metal climbing buckle for easy hanging from your bag or belt. Greatly increased portability.

Folding water bags are usually made of NY/PE, a food grade material, which is soft and takes up less space as the amount of liquid in the bag decreases. A more suitable trekking water container than a traditional rigid kettle. Effectively improve the space utilization rate.


Outdoor folding water bags are more environmentally friendly than regular plastic water bottles. Because the recycling rate of ordinary water bottles is very low, and the cost of recycling is very high. And the folded water bag can be used repeatedly, easy to clean. It can be washed with water before and after use, which can save a lot of resources and improve the utilization rate of resources.


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Post time: Oct-24-2022