Why choose us for packaging bags?

Why choose us for packaging bags?
1. We have our own PE film production workshop, which can produce various specifications as required

OK Packaging PE blow molding workshop

2. Own injection molding workshop, 8 injection molding machines provide us with higher quality injection molding accessories.
The 3.9-color printing press can meet the vast majority of custom UV printing needs.

OK Packaging QC

3.The strict QC quality inspection team and laboratory team make every effort to ensure product quality and ensure that the delivered products meet customer requirements.
4. More than 20 years of production history, 50 automated production scales, accumulated rich production experience, and the huge scale can also quickly provide products to customers.

OK Packaging BRC

5.Products are widely used in various fields. Such as food and beverage, biomedicine, scientific research and other fields, and obtain relevant certificates.
6.Various forms of payment methods to solve the customer's payment inconvenience.

Post time: Sep-19-2022