Custom Kraft Paper Laminated PLA Laminated Biodegradable Bread Bag with Window Flat Bottom Bag

Material: Kraft Paper+ PLA ;Custom material

Scope Of Application: Bread Bags/Pastry Packaging Bags/Baking Packaging Bagsetc.

Size:Custom size.

Product Thickness: 20-200μmCustom thickness

Surface: Matte film; Gravure printing your own designs.

MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.

Payment Terms: T/T30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment

Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days

Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bread Bag


Baked kraft paper packaging bags with eight sides seal usually only use coated kraft paper technology. The coating is divided into two materials: PE and PLA.

Although PE and PLA are both food-grade materials, PLA is more environmentally friendly than PE. It is biodegradable in nature.

Directly with the help of this layer of PE film, it is sealed under hot melt. Commonly used in food packaging, PLA composite kraft paper bags have the characteristics of good sealing, oil absorption and anti-fouling when the bags are completely degraded.

The bag made of kraft paper and PLA adds a window opening process to form a beautiful and generous frosted visual, and the food inside the bag can be seen directly through the window. A good presentation of the food itself. Improve consumers' desire to buy.

The eight-side sealing kraft paper self-sealing bag is a general mold to make the bag into a three-dimensional packaging bag. It is named "kraft paper eight-side sealing bag" because the three-dimensional kraft paper bag has eight sides. The design of the eight-side seal can provide a large storage space inside the bag. While the overall appearance of the bag is more upright and has a sense of three-dimensional space, it also improves the grade of the product.

Common specifications and sizes of kraft paper ziplock bags, the thickness is generally 0.15mm on one side, also called 15 silk, 15s, and different thicknesses can also be customized according to requirements. The printing method of kraft paper ziplock bags is relatively complicated, but the printing is more exquisite. Generally, there is no problem in printing 9 colors. Compared with ordinary PE ziplock kraft paper bags that can only print 1-2 colors, it is more high-grade and high-end.

Kraft paper bags bring more than 40% more profit than ordinary plastic bag packaging products. It is precisely because kraft paper ziplock bags have more visual impact and beautiful appearance, thus giving enterprise products higher prices and higher quality profits. , making kraft paper bags more and more common in the food industry in the future.


Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bread Bag with Window

Biodegradable Kraft Paper Bread Bag with Window

Kraft paper bread bag with tin bar closure

Kraft paper bread bag with tin bar closure

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