Custom Printed Compostable Biodegradable Flat Bottom Coffee /Coffee Bean Packing Bag Coffee Bag With Valve

Material: Kraft paper/PLA ;Custom material
Scope Of Application: Coffee,coffee bean ,tea food pouch bag;etc.
Product Thickness: 80-200μm,Custom thickness
Surface: Matte film; Glossy film and print your own designs.
MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Kraft paper is commonly used to package products in many different industries because it is affordable, lightweight and readily available. Kraft paper has a high burst resistance, can withstand enormous tension and pressure without breaking, and it has high tensile strength whether in single gloss, double gloss, streak or grain-free form.

A common problem with paper packaging is its low water resistance. While this works with many paper packaging options, kraft paper can be coated to improve its barrier properties and strength in wet conditions. It can also be laminated to make it heat sealable and improve its resistance to odor and moisture.

Kraft paper coffee bag fully degradable plastic bag, as the name suggests, is a plastic packaging bag made of compostable biodegradable plastic. Fully degradable plastic bags can be decomposed into carbon dioxide, water and other small molecules within a certain period of time under the action of natural bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms, and no toxic residues are produced during the degradation process.

Fully degradable plastic bags use bio-based as the base material, and the raw materials are made from starch or corn flour, which are renewable resources that can be completely decomposed. Coupled with some modified starch materials with good ductility, elongation at break, heat resistance and impact performance, the fully degradable plastic bag has excellent packaging function and is widely used in clothing, apparel, accessories, food, Hardware, electronics, cosmetics and other industries.

The kraft paper degradable coffee bag can be customized with bag type, zipper, coffee valve, coffee bar, support all personalized customization needs, meet customer requirements, and provide the best quality and service.


srgfd (1)

Sealed zipper is reusable.

srgfd (2)

Coffee valve for easy ventilation and food storage.


T-zipper, easy to tear.

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