Custom Shape Mylar Bags Pound Irregular Unique Shape Package Plastic Laminated Aluminum Foil Bag

Material: PET /  AL / PE ; Custom Material; Etc.

Scope Of Application: Cosmetic Sample Bag, Beverage And Food Packaging Bags Etc.

Product Thickness: 20-200μm;Custom Thickness.

Surface: 1-9 Colors Custom Printing Your Pattern,

MOQ: Determine The MOQ Based On Your Specific Requirements

Payment Terms:T/T, 30% Deposit, 70% Balance Before Shipment

Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 Days

Delivery Method: Express / Air / Sea

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Special-shaped aluminum foil zipper bag


Since 2017, the popularity of self-media e-commerce and wechat business has accelerated the development of special-shaped handbags. Since then, special-shaped handbags have sprung up all over the country, occupying major markets.
Advantage 1: It has a unique appearance and completely subverts the form of traditional beverages. At the same time, its simple appearance has strong design and strong variability, and it can design a changeable appearance according to different needs, which means that it can change its shape at will with the needs of the market, so as to achieve real special-shaped and changeable.
Advantage 2: But now with the improvement of people's material and spiritual and cultural level, only products that conform to human nature will be favored. At this time, the appearance of the special-shaped bag, with its variability and convenience of carrying, perfectly interprets what a humanized design is.
Advantage three: high added value. With the improvement of consumption level, people have higher and higher requirements for the product itself, and the disadvantages of heavy packaging, heavy marketing and light quality of traditional beverages are becoming more and more obvious. As a representative of the essence, the Alien Handbag has the advantage of concentration, and the small body contains great energy. Because of its lower processing cost than traditional packaging, beverages with special-shaped packaging can focus more on high-quality formulas and raw materials, enhance the quality of the product itself, and provide consumers with a full sense of happiness.


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