Eight Side Seal Flat Bottom Spout pouch Stand Up Beverage Juice Aluminum Foil Bag

Material: AL / NY / PE; Customize material
Scope Of Application: Beverages Packaging bags;etc.
Product Thickness: 50-200μm;Custom thickness
Surface: 1-9 colors, gravure printing.
MOQ: Customized according to Bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Flat bottom Spout Pouch


The nozzle bag is a new beverage and jelly packaging bag developed on the basis of the stand-up bag.
The structure of the nozzle bag is mainly divided into two parts: the nozzle and the stand-up bag. The structure of the stand-up pouch is the same as that of the ordinary four-sealed stand-up pouch, but composite materials are generally used to meet the requirements of different food packaging.
Self-supporting nozzle bag packaging is mainly used in fruit juice drinks, sports drinks, bottled drinking water, absorbable jelly, condiments and other products. In addition to the food industry, some washing products, daily cosmetics, medical supplies and other products are also used gradually increase.
The self-supporting spout bag is more convenient to pour or absorb the contents, and can be re-closed and re-opened at the same time, which can be considered as the combination of the self-supporting bag and the ordinary bottle mouth. This kind of stand-up pouch is generally used in the packaging of daily necessities, and is used to hold liquid, colloidal and semi-solid products such as beverages, shower gels, shampoos, ketchup, edible oils, and jelly.
The self-supporting nozzle bag is a relatively novel packaging form, and its biggest advantage over common packaging forms is portability; the self-supporting nozzle bag can be easily put into a backpack or even a pocket, and can be reduced in volume as the contents are reduced, More convenient to carry. It has advantages in improving product quality, strengthening shelf visual effects, portability, ease of use, preservation and sealability. The self-supporting nozzle bag is laminated by PET/foil/PET/PE structure, and it can also have 2 layers, 3 layers and other materials of other specifications. It depends on the different products to be packaged. The oxygen barrier protection layer can be added as needed to reduce the permeability. oxygen rate, extending the shelf life of the product.


Flat-bottom design can stand on a table

Flat-bottom design can stand on a table

The nozzle can be customized color style

The nozzle can be customized color style

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