Matte Flat Bottom Coffee Packaging Bag With Valve

Material: PET+AI+PE/PET+PE/BOPP+Kraft Paper+PE/Custom material
Scope Of Application: Coffee , Tea ,Pet food;etc.
Product Thickness: 80-120μm;Custom thickness.
Surface: Matte film; Glossy film and print your own designs.
MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Coffee bag is the package bag for storage coffee beans and coffee powder, it is also suitable for other food like tea, milk powder, etc. Coffee bag is one of hot-sale products with high rate of repurchase in our factory. Nowadays many people loves to have several cups of coffee in daily life. It is like the indispensable condiment in life. With an attractive package, the products will become more impressed and help people to remember it. OK Packaging has specialized in the food package field for more than 20 years, we can make the perfect and suitable package for you.

The coffee bag is made of the laminated Material which mainly includes PET/NY/PE and aluminum foil, etc. The material of coffee bag is food-grade and pass many certificate and test, The bags are Eco-friendly, safe and hygiene, non-toxic, no smell, tasteless.

According to different size and capacity, there are different coffee bags for your selection, such as flat bottom coffee bag and side gusset coffee bag. The volume and the capacity includes 200g 250g, 500g, 1KG etc, or custom by your request.

Speaking of the feature and advantage of coffee bags, we can list out as following:
Firstly, excellent moisture resistance. The coffee beans inside can be storage well and stay dry with oxygen barrier.
Secondly, good sealing.The coffee bag is easily hot sealing. Each bag is specifically constructed to preserve the exact food inside, no any leakage.
Thirdly, we can assemble one-way exhaust valve in the coffee bag or use to do vacuum.
Fourthly, with particular structure, the coffee bag perform the high flatness, to maximize storage space and minimize transport costs.
In general, coffee bag is a good choice for storage coffee beans. It is convenient, easy to transport, the size can be particularly customized, and the logo can be printed out. With the coffee bag, we can prolong the shelf life of coffee bean inside.




Multi layer high quality overlapping process
Multiple layers of high-quality materials are compounded to block moisture and gas circulation and facilitate internal product storage.


Self-sealing zipper
Self-sealing zipper bag can be re-sealable


Flat bottom
Can stand on the table to prevent the contents of the bag from being scattered


More designs
If you have more requirements and designs, you can contact us

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