How to find the right plastic bag custom manufacturer

We come into contact with a lot of plastic products every day, bottles and cans, not to mention plastic bags, not only supermarket shopping bags, but also the packaging of various products, etc. Its demand is very large. In order to meet the needs of plastic bags in all walks of life, plastic bag manufacturers are becoming more and more strict with the customization process of plastic bags. Among so many manufacturers, how should we choose a customized plastic bag factory?

1. The credit of plastic bag manufacturers.

If any enterprise wants to cooperate with it and achieve the expected cooperation goal, it must have a good reputation. For plastic bag manufacturers, this is very critical. Only with the supremacy of credit, can customers conduct business cooperation without worries.


2. Standardization of plastic bag manufacturers.

Standardization of enterprises is conducive to stabilizing and improving the quality of products, projects and services, promoting enterprises to take a quality-benefit development path, enhancing enterprise quality, and improving enterprise competitiveness. The technical standard is the main basis for measuring the quality of the product. It not only specifies the performance of the product, but also clearly specifies the specifications, inspection methods, packaging, storage and transportation conditions of the product. Strictly carry out production according to the standard, and carry out inspection, packaging, transportation and storage according to the standard, and the product quality can be guaranteed.


OK PACKAGING summarizes industry experience after more than 20 years of historical precipitation .It set up a multi-functional product laboratory, establish its own product database, and strictly carry out multi-stage testing procedures for production raw materials/production processes/production costs. Has passed ISO, BRC, SEDEX and other international system certification. With nearly several times the order communication completion rate with the industry, the product quality and quality control rate has obtained orders from our customers.

Post time: Jul-23-2022