If you want to customize food packaging bags, how should you choose the bag type?

Food packaging bags can be seen everywhere in daily life, and they are already an indispensable daily necessities for people.

Many start-up food suppliers or those who make custom snacks at home are always full of doubts when choosing food packaging bags. I don’t know what material and shape to use, what printing process to choose, or how many threads to print on the bag.

In today’s issue of popular science, the editor will answer the most common questions for novice sellers~ How to choose a bag type


The picture shows the most common types of bags on the market at this stage.

Generally speaking, food packaging bags will use stand-up bags, eight-side sealed bags, and special-shaped bags.

Most of the food needs a bag with a certain space, so the stand-up bag has become the main choice for the majority of food merchants. Sellers can decide the size and bag type of the packaging bag according to the size of their products and how much they plan to put in a pack. For example, beef jerky, dried mango, etc. have a certain volume, but the capacity of a package is not particularly large, you can choose a self-supporting zipper bag (zipper can be reused to protect the food from moisture deterioration)


  If it is some seasoning bags, or the bags are also individually packaged, you can directly choose a stand-up bag or a back-sealing bag. Because the seller’s product can be used up after opening the bag, there is no need to choose a zipper at this time, and the cost can be better controlled.


 The product is similar to rice and dog food. There is a certain weight and volume in a package. You can choose an eight-side sealed bag. There is enough storage space in the bag


 Of course, in order to better attract the attention of consumers, some snacks and candy products will make the bags into special-shaped bags. It can be packed with enough products, and it is extraordinarily different~


Post time: Nov-14-2022