what are the advantages eight-side sealed bag?

Eight-side seal bag is a kind of composite packaging bag, which is a kind of packaging bag named according to its shape, eight-side seal bag, flat bottom bag, flat bottom zipper bag, etc. As the name suggests, there are eight edges, four edges at the bottom, and two edges on each side. This bag type is a new bag type that has emerged in recent years, and it can also be called “flat bottom bag, square bottom bag, organ zipper bag” and so on. At present, many famous clothing, apparel and food brands are using this bag type. The eight-side seal bag is widely favored by consumers because of its good three-dimensional effect and high-grade appearance. So what are the advantages of such a beautiful eight-side sealed bag?

Custom eight edge seal packaging bag factory

1. The eight-side sealed bag can stand stably during customization, which is conducive to shelf display and deeply attracts consumers’ attention; it is generally used in many fields such as dried fruits, nuts, cute pets, and snack foods.

2. The eight-side sealed bag uses flexible packaging composite technology, and the materials are varied. According to the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of water and oxygen, the metal effect, and the printing effect, the advantages are not only greater than the single box;

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3. Eight side-sealed bags have a total of eight printing pages, which are sufficient to describe the product or language product sales, and promote global sales products for use. Product information display is more complete. Let customers know more about your products.

4. Eight side seal bag pre-press technical design strength, the bag can help customers choose different product design schemes, help customers improve product quality, save costs, and improve customer benefits,

5. Eight side-sealed zipper bags are equipped with reusable zippers, consumers can re-open and close the zippers, and the box is irresistible; the bag has a unique appearance, prevents packaging damage, and is easy for consumers to identify, which is conducive to brand building; Multi-color printing, the product looks exquisite, and has a strong promotional effect

Post time: Dec-19-2022