What is a biodegradable bag

What is a biodegradable bag1

1.Biodegradation bag,Biodegradation bags are bags capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other organisms.About 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year. Biodegradation bags are bags capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other organisms.About 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are used every year.
2.Distinguish between "biodegradable" and "compostable"
In typical terms, the term biodegradable has a different meaning than compost.Biodegradable simply means that objects can be decomposed by bacteria or other organisms, and "compost" in the plastic industry is defined as the ability to decompose in an aerobic environment maintained at specific controlled temperature and humidity conditions.Compospost is the ability to biodecompose in a compost field, making materials visually indistinguishable and decomposed into carbon dioxide, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with

The inclusion of "inorganic material" excluded the final product from being regarded as compost or humus, which is purely organic material.In fact, the xxx standard required for plastic to be called compost under the ASTM definition is that it must disappear at the same rate as something else that one already knows to compost under the traditional definition. Plastic bags can be made from a common plastic polymer (i. e., polyethylene) or polypropylene and mixed with an additive that causes polymer (polyethylene) degradation and then biodegradable due to.
3.Material for the biodegradable bag
strong as solid and reliable as traditional (mainly polyethylene) bags.Many bags are also made of paper, organic materials, or polyhexanolactone. "The public sees biodegradable is a magical thing," although the word is widely used, according to RamaniNarayan, a chemical engineer at East Lansing Michigan State University and a scientific consultant at the Institute for Biodegradable Plastics."This is currently the most commonly used and misused word in our dictionary.In the Greater Pacific Waste Area, biodegradable plastic breaks down into small pieces that can more easily enter the food chain by being consumed.
4.Recycling of the biodegradable bags.
In-plant waste can usually be recycled, but it is difficult to sort and recycle after consumption.Bio-based polymers can contaminate the recycling of other more common polymers.While manufacturers of aerobic biodegradable plastics claim that their bags are recyclable, many plastic film recyclers will not accept them because there is no long-term study on the feasibility of recyclable products containing these additives.In addition, the Institute for Biodegradable Plastics (BPI) said that the formulations of additives in oxidized films vary widely, which introduces more variability in the recycling process.

What is a biodegradable bag2

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