Food And Beverage Packaging Cover Film Jelly Bottle Mouth Plastic Heat Sealing Easy Tear Sealing Film For Automatic Laminating Machine

Material: PET/AL/NY/Custom material
Scope Of Application: Food / Daily / Necessities packaging bags, Pharmaceutical packaging bags, etc.
Product Thickness: 50-120μm;Custom thickness.
Surface: Gravure printing your own designs.
MOQ: 300KG
Payment Terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Parafilim is a composite material with sealing performance, anti-counterfeiting effect, preventing volatilization and pollution of product contents, and odorless precipitation.
In order to solve the problem of heat sealing, through the modification of PET resin and the use of A/B/C three-layer structure die, a three-layer co-extruded heat-sealing PET film has been developed. This heat-sealing PET film Because there is a heat-sealable layer on one side, it can be directly heat-sealed, which is very convenient to use. Heat-sealable PET film can be widely used in the fields of packaging and card protection films of various commodities
Ordinary PET is a crystalline polymer. After the PET film is stretched and oriented, it will produce a large degree of crystallization. If it is heat-sealed, it will shrink and deform, so the ordinary PET film does not have heat-sealing properties. When PET film is used as commodity packaging, in order to solve the problem of heat sealing, the method of compounding BOPET film with PE film or CPP film is usually adopted, which limits the application of BOPET film to a certain extent.
This product is widely used in: cosmetic packaging sealing film, daily necessities packaging sealing film, food packaging sealing film, pharmaceutical packaging sealing film and chemical packaging sealing film and other industries.
In addition, it has anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft properties, and can also print company advertisements on the sealing film to achieve publicity effects.
It is suitable for non-metallic containers such as PET, PVC, PP, PE, PS, AS various types of injection cups, injection bottles, blister boxes, blow moulded bottles, blow moulded cups, and blow moulded parts.


Food grade material for direct contact with beverages

Food grade material for direct contact with beverages

Perfectly seal the cup mouth to prevent leakage

Perfectly seal the cup mouth to prevent leakage

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