Hidden Zipper Child Protective Bag Tobacco Cannabis Medicine Protective Packaging Bag

Material: PET / NY / PLA;Custom material
Scope Of Application: marijuana/tobacco/pharmaceutical packaging bag; etc.
Product Thickness: 50-200μm, Custom thickness
Surface: Gravure printing your own designs.
MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms: T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Child-proof zipper bag


"The child-proof zipper bag is actually a hidden zipper clavicle bag. When it is opened, it needs to be opened on both sides to open it. Generally, children will not open it, so as to prevent children from eating or eating too much, so it is mostly used for tobacco and marijuana. Etc. packaging, also known as tobacco packaging bags. Now it is mostly used to package snacks, candies, and tablets to prevent children from eating too much.
There are two kinds of common child-proof zipper bags: one: child lock zipper bag: it is opened by a lock,
Two: Invisible zipper bag: It is opened by a three-point-one-style dislocation method. Both can effectively prevent children from opening them at will. Prevent children from accidentally ingesting dangerous items and causing injury.
Anti-mistake open zipper bag features, let it in tobacco. The field of medicine and packaging is brilliant. In families with small children, it is very practical to pack up products that are harmful to children.


Hidden side zipper prevents children from opening the bag

Hidden side zipper prevents children from opening the bag

Stand up pouch for easy standing on the table

Stand up pouch for easy standing on the table

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