Frozen Food Antifogging Fresh Transparent Plastic Fresh Fruits Vegetables Packaging Bag With Vent Holes

Material : PET /PE;PE/PE; Custom material
Scope Of Application : Fruit bag .etc.
Product Thickness : 30-120μm;Customize
Surface :1-9 color gravure printing your own designs.
MOQ : Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms : T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time : 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method : Express / air / sea

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The effect of passing through the air holes is to allow the vegetables and fruits packaged in the bag to inhale. Simply enhances the actual effect of the vegetables in the package. But stores should know better that the actual effect of refrigerating vegetables and fruits comes from manipulation of temperature and humidity. Through the air holes, the gas inside and outside the package can be exchanged, so that the dishes can last longer in storage. If it weren't for the air holes, there would always be mustard in the interior space of the inner and outer boxes, and for some vegetables and fruits, the actual effect of refrigeration would be discounted. The more holes the better, the bigger the hole is, the worse it looks. Some customers are still afraid of intensive, which leads to customers being bored and not buying a small loss.

Ordinary fruit packaging bags are not every kind of fresh fruit. Fruit bags are more suitable for packing leafy vegetables and other fresh fruits. Fresh fruits with underground stems, such as potatoes, are not suitable. The relative density of fresh fruit from underground stems is slightly higher, suitable for use in fresh food mop trays and fresh bag packaging, and then custom dry glue labels are attached to the fresh bag, fruit packaging bag manufacturer, used to promote and plan your own fresh food*** . If the store is buying or customizing fruit bags and does not know what fresh fruit is suitable, you can consult the fruit bag production and processing factory to obtain the information content of the bank.

In recent years, fruit packaging bags have become the packaging choice for fresh fruit fresh food stores, custom-made fruit packaging bags, which used to be based on tape or plastic bags. But the packaging bag, the size of the fruit, can be stronger than the transparent bag, which can receive the organization of fresh fruit, and the packaging printing pattern can show its own. How to buy your own fruit bags must pay attention to many key points. Build your own custom fruit bags, use custom fruit bags, improve their publicity plan, let more people know about them, fruit packaging bags, must have some ideas in the design draft, choose fruit packaging bag manufacturers, you can visit the survey or Determine the overall strength of fruit packaging bag manufacturers according to the test products; master the raw materials used by fruit packaging bag manufacturers, if the fruit bags strongly recommend anti-fog OPP, it can improve the display rate of fresh fruits. If the above key points, custom fruit bags will consider their own fresh food marketing.


Open-hole flat bottom, easy to place, but also breathable to drain water

Open-hole flat bottom, easy to place, but also breathable to drain water

Portable handle with open hole design

Portable handle with open hole design

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