Special-shaped packaging bag Irregular Shape Mylar Bag

Material: PET+AI+PE/PET+PE/BOPP+Kraft Paper+PE/Custom material
Scope Of Application: Food / Beverage / Cosmetic packaging;etc.
Product Thickness: 80-120μm;Custom thickness.
Surface: Matte film; Glossy film and print your own designs.
MOQ: Customized according to bag material, Size, Thickness, Printing color.
Payment Terms: T/T,30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment
Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days
Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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What is a special-shaped packaging bag? In fact, it is not a conventional boxy packaging bag。It has irregular shape. Need to make a special mold for it. Due to its unique shape, special-shaped bags are very attractive to consumers, and have gradually become one of the means for flexible packaging manufacturers to improve their selling points and enhance product competitiveness, and are gradually popular in the international market.

Special-shaped bag is a kind of commonly-used regular three-side sealing bag, middle-sealing bag and four-side sealing bag with different and special flexible packaging bags, which are widely used in food, daily chemicals, toys, medicine, electronics and other fields. Common special-shaped bags in life include three-side sealing bags, self-supporting special-shaped bags, self-supporting nozzle bags, special-shaped bags, etc.

The special-shaped bag breaks through the shackles of the traditional square bag, and turns the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, thus reflecting different design styles, with the characteristics of novelty, simplicity, clarity, easy identification, and brand image. The appearance of special-shaped bags is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design forms. Designers can give full play to the design of product packaging bags and make more design dreams come true.

In addition, with the change of the bottom shape of the stand-up pouch, a large liquid stand-up pouch with a capacity of 2 liters with a porthole and a mouth can be made for packaging heavy-duty liquid products such as edible oils. Another example is to add aircraft hanging holes on lightweight packaging to facilitate hanging sales on supermarket shelves; some liquid packaging for refills can use imitation mouth-shaped,special-shaped bags for easy filling. In short, compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped bags are more attractive, the product information is clear, the promotion effect is very obvious, and application functions such as zippers, hand holes, and mouths can be added arbitrarily, making the packaging more convenient and more user-friendly. .

The special-shaped packaging bag has excellent shelf appeal due to its changeable shape, and is a popular packaging form in the market. With the improvement of people's quality of life, special-shaped bags have gradually become one of the means for commodity manufacturers to improve brand awareness and increase product selling points.



multi-layer composite process

The interior adopts composite technology to block moisture and gas circulation to protect the original and moist odor of internal products


Self-sealing zipper
Self-sealing zipper bag can be re-sealable


custom nozzle
It can be matched with the shape of the nozzle cover you need according to your design requirements.


More designs
If you have more requirements and designs, you can contact us

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