Three-side Sealing Foil Bag Mask Packaging Bag Cosmetic Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag

Material: BOPP+AI+PE/PET+PE/PE+PE/Custom material; etc.

Scope Of Application: Food Bag, Medicine Bag, etc.

Product Thickness: 50-200μm;Custom thickness.

Surface: 1-9 color gravure print your design,

MOQ: Determine the minimum order quantity according to the order

Payment Terms:T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment

Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days

Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Three-side sealing aluminum foil bag

Three-side Sealing Foil Bag Mask Packaging Bag Cosmetic Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag Description

Three-side sealing aluminum foil bag, that is, three-side sealing, leaving only one opening for users to load products. Three-side sealing bags are the most common way of bag making. The airtightness of the three-side sealing bag is the best, and this method of bag making is usually used for vacuum bags. One side three-side sealing bag and zipper combination, the three-side sealing zipper bag is welcomed by the majority of customers.
Commonly used raw materials PET, CPE, CPP, OPP, PA, AL, KPET, NY, etc.
Applicable products: plastic food packaging bags, vacuum nylon bags, rice packaging bags, stand-up bags, zipper bags, aluminum foil bags, tea bags, candy bags, powder bags, rice bags, cosmetic bags, facial mask bags, medicine bags, pesticide bags Bags, paper-plastic bags, bowl surface sealing film, special-shaped bags, anti-static bags, roll film and plastic bags for automatic packaging machines. It is used for sealing and packaging of various consumables such as printers and copiers; it is suitable for bottle sealing films of various conventional materials such as PP, PE, and PET.
Product features: The three-side sealing aluminum foil bag has good barrier properties, moisture resistance, low heat sealing, high transparency, and can be printed in color from 1 to 9 colors. Commonly used in composite packaging bags for daily necessities, composite packaging bags for cosmetics, composite packaging bags for toys, composite packaging bags for gifts, composite packaging bags for hardware, composite packaging bags for clothing, composite packaging bags for shopping malls, composite packaging bags for electronic products, composite packaging bags for jewelry, sports Equipment composite packaging bags and other products from all walks of life are beautifully packaged in composite bags.
Three-side sealing is used for food packaging, usually by vacuuming. Another reason for the vacuum packaging of the three-side sealing bag is to prevent the oxidation of the food, because the oily food contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which makes the food deteriorate. In addition, oxidation also causes loss of vitamin A and vitamin C, darkening the color. Therefore, deoxygenation can effectively prevent the food from spoiling, so that the food can maintain the beauty of color and flavor from the factory to the use.

Three-side Sealing Foil Bag Mask Packaging Bag Cosmetic Aluminum Foil Packaging Bag Features

Easy-tear cut for easy opening

Easy-tear cut for easy opening

Heat-sealed aluminum foil port for easy sealing

Heat-sealed aluminum foil port for easy sealing

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