Food Zip Lock Plastic Zipper Packaging Ziplock 3 Three Side Seal Aluminum Foil Flat Pouch Bags

Material: BOPP+AI+PE/PET+PE/PE+PE/Custom material; etc.

Scope Of Application: Food Bag, Medicine Bag, etc.

Product Thickness: 50-200μm;Custom thickness.

Surface: 1-9 color gravure print your design,

MOQ: Determine the minimum order quantity according to the order

Payment Terms:T/T, 30% deposit, 70% balance before shipment

Delivery Time: 10 ~ 15 days

Delivery Method: Express / air / sea

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Three-side sealing zippered foil bag


The three-side sealing zipper bag can be regarded as a variation of the three-side sealing aluminum foil bag. On the basis of the three-side sealing, a self-sealing zipper is installed at the mouth of the bag. . Such a zipper can be opened and closed multiple times and can be used multiple times. This kind of packaging is more suitable for the case that the bag size is slightly larger, and the products in the bag cannot be used up at one time.
For example, dried fruits, nuts, dry seasonings, powdered foods, and foods that cannot be eaten at one time are mostly used in plastic packaging bags with zippers or self-adhesive plastic packaging bags with glue. Zippered food packaging bags and self-adhesive plastic packaging bags are such plastic packaging bags. After the bag is opened, it can be sealed twice. Although it cannot achieve the effect of the first sealing, it can be used as a daily moisture-proof and dust-proof in the short term. It's still possible.
The three-side sealing zipper bag can be used by consumers to a large extent, and it is slightly more expensive than the three-side sealing aluminum foil bag, but it is very popular among the public because of its easy operation and convenience. There are also many choices when it comes to bag customization.


Resealable zipper closure

Resealable zipper closure

Transparent to display the products in the bag

Transparent to display the products in the bag

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